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I’m in the process of digitizing all of my pieces so they can be made available as downloadable purchases, but I’m fairy busy with Falling Edge, so it’s going to be a while before they’re all done. In the meantime, physical (paper) transcriptions are always available, and if there’s something you’re interested in as a digital download, please let me know via the Contact Form and I’ll make it a priority. Thanks for your patience.

Many of these pieces have also been recorded; to listen to or buy CDs or individual tracks, click on the Discography or Store tabs in the menu.

Not That Far Away – Ten Pieces for Steel String and Classical Guitar (1988)
Suite #1 for Guitar (1990)
Heorot (for Charango – 1990)
Altitudes (for String Quartet – 1991, 2002)
A Walk in the Woods (1992)
2 Pieces for Guitar and Harpsichord (1993)
Stranger Child of Strange Parents (Guitar and ‘cello – 1992)
Unexpected Day Off (Guitar and ‘cello – 1993)
Barney’s Pound Excursion (Guitar and ‘cello – 1993)
Suite #2 for Guitar (1994)
Bridesmaids and the Bride (1995)
Prelude for Guitar and Flute (published by Columbia Music Company CO348 – 1995)
for Aaron (1995)
Preludes 1-5 (1995)
3 (Guitar and Synthesizer – 1996)
Echoes (1996)
Preludes 6-10 (1997)
for Angelique (1997)
Lenten Suite (1998)
Summer’s End (guitar duet – 1999)
Barbara, you up? (marimba – 2000)
For Christopher (2001)
Nowhere left to go (guitar and mandolin – 2001 – premiered in Germany Dec. 2001, recorded by the Ahlert and Schwab duo on the CD of the same name)
whatever (2002)
Mud Temple (guitar and violin – 2002 – premiered in Turkey April 2003)
On His Holiness Pope John Paul II’s visit to Toronto, late July, 2002 (2002)
Barren tree on field left fallow (2003)
for Lucas (2003)
Stars at Dawn (2004)
Time Window (2004)
Dataqueue (2008)