Solo Electric Music

Hey everyone –

Much of my time is spent writing for and playing with Falling Edge, but I’ll be making more of my solo tunes available here as I write and record them. Keep checking back for new material, or join the mailing list by sending your email and a mailing list request in the Contact Form If you want to buy any of the tracks listed in the players to the right, you can do so at the store.


2016 04 08:

As posted on the Falling Edge website last week, I had the opportunity to do some improvised composition with Andy Tattersall, a jazz guitarist whose playing I’ve admired for some time now. The project was inspired by artist and photographer Holly King. The multimedia project brought together artists, photographers, writers, and musicians together to collaborate on a series of different works which would later be photographed. Andy and I spent some time looking at the individual works, and then improvised as many short pieces as we could in the given time frame. We came up with 8 tunes, which we recorded on Andy’s phone (so we wouldn’t forget them) and later gave them a proper recording. I’m pretty happy with the things we came up with, especially since they were so spur of the moment. The mixing is completed, and you can listen to the results on the mp3 player to the right, beginning with track 5, Algonquin and continuing to track 12, Upside Down.
For those interested in checking out the actual art exhibit (which will feature listening stations with our music at several of the works), the show opens on May 13, 2016 at 7:00 P.M. and runs until July 10 at the Thames Art Gallery, located at 75 William Street North, Chatham, Ontario.